Wildcard Contest

From March 1st – April 17th, 2017

To participate in the Wildcard Contest, form a team of 3 members, register online, shoot your tricks on your smartphone*, then post a video (1 minute max) on Instagram by April 17th. The 3 teams selected by the jury (and public voting!) will win 1 trip to Paris from April 29th to May 4th to face the 5 pro teams.

Keep in mind that street use is preferred and that creativity and performance are the key words to this competition. Be inventive, unrestrained, visionary, crazy…brainstorm, create a storyboard and unleash your full creativity. You are free to use any tech accessories available to you in 2017 through your smartphone! Apps, software, tripods, filters, drones, etc.

* For the Wildcard Contest films not produced on a smartphone are accepted. ** The women's team can be represented by a skater, director or a photographer.
  • Rules

    1. Read the rules and choose your trio: 1 skater + 1 filmmaker + 1 photographer

  • Registration

    2. Register here through our registration form

  • Sosh Highlight

    3. Download the Sosh Highlight logo here to insert at the beginning of your video

  • Musics

    4. Download, at your choosing, music to use in your video here, or use music to which you have rights

  • Instagram

    5. Shoot and edit a video (1 minute max) with the smartphone of your choosing. Post the video on one of your team's Instagram accounts (the skater's or the filmmaker's) with the hashtag #mysoshhighlight and mention @sosh_fr

  • Soma Skate

    6. Follow the latest news on the Soma website

The Wildcard Contest Winners from 2017

The three 2017 Wildcards go to the Yes Skate, Cedric and Pottotta teams.

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Pro Contest

From April 29th – May 4th, 2017

Starting April 29th, the 3 Wildcard teams selected for the Pro Contest will compete in the streets of Paris with some of the best riders, shooters and skate photographers of the moment.
Until May 4th, solely equipped with smartphones, they will navigate through the spots and surroundings of the capital. They will have 6 days to make a creative video of 2 minutes 30 seconds max, prioritizing street and performance.

Discover the 5 pro teams selected. Panorama of the members involved…

  • Team Igor Fardin

    • Igor Fardin

      Skater • Igor Fardin

      Igor comes from Italian Switzerland. He is a member of the Warriorz family, a skaters crew from Lugano. He rides for Vans and has moved to Paris. He studies History and enjoys riding books. He doesn’t speak a lot but can skate everything.

    • Phil Zwijsen

      Filmmaker • Jelmer Leemans

      22 year-old, Jelmer lives in Werchter, next to Mechelen in the center of Belgium. He is the cousin of Jarne Verbruggen. This student in «  Media and Entertainement «  confided a few years ago a real passion for the video. He had already worked with Jarne on the realization of his part for Trasher.

    • Guillaume Périmony

      Photographer • Guillaume Périmony

      Guillaume Périmony has been trying to skate, in vain, since he was 16 years old. But what he he really likes are old cameras… and girls too… In the field, we also know him because he doesn’t eat vegetables! He has already collaborated with Phil and Jarne - Jean-Claude Van Damme was not available - on the Double Impact project at the end of 2016, but he still doesn’t understand or speak a word of Flemish…

  • Team Oscar Candon

    • Oscar Candon

      Skater • Oscar Candon

      Oscar Candon is a native of Montpellier, born in June of 1992. He knew he would be addicted to skating at the age of 10, when he managed to make small ollies at a friend’s house. For all that, he spent more than a year working on his flip kick... He then moved to Washington DC with his family. He skated alone for 1 year, unaware that videos existed. It was when he returned to France, in Meudon, that he started to watch and, subsequently, make videos. His slogan: “go-anywhere-skate-everything”.

    • Olivier Fanchon

      Filmmaker • Olivier Fanchon

      Olivier is 35 years old and lives in the suburbs of Paris. He has, for many years, worn two hats: skater and filmmaker. He has collaborated on stunning video projects, such as Frame by Frame and Parisii. Friends with Oscar and Benoît for years, he is thrilled to be part of the team.

    • Benoit Renaux

      Photographer • Benoit Renaux

      Immersed in Parisian skate culture from an early age, Benoît Renaux began to take an interest in photography when he was 18 years old. Naturally, he gravitated to silver photography. He then began to document his environment, his skate sessions, his nights and his travels.

  • Team Chris Pfanner

    • Chris Pfanner

      Skater • Chris Pfanner

      Born in Nigeria in 1984, he arrived in Austria as a teenager before settling down in Barcelona, the skateboarding Mecca. He currently resides in Germany, but his “home” is only in name, as his skating trips take him around the four corners of the world. The least we could say is that Chris loves high altitudes. And the higher it is…the better. Heights that most of the time would break ankles and bust knees. He’ll be the first to admit that his style doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel… but with him... the wheel is just bigger and faster than ever!

    • …

      Filmmaker • Sébastien Raban « Paco »

      Paco, 39 years old, lives between the Parisian area and Avoriaz (Haute-Savoie) where he started to film snow and skate videos in the early 2000’s. He has worked for many projects, including the famous videomag « Puzzle » and the Lordz-Square video « They don’t give a fuck about us » with the skateboarders Florentin Marfaing, Bastien Salabanzi and Alex Carolino. He films for Vans Europe for 10 years and knows Chris Pfanner since at least so much time.

    • Davy van Laere

      Photographer • Davy van Laere

      Davy Van Laere (born in Antwerp Belgium, 1972) grew up as the son of a passionate amateur photographer and got his first camera, an Agfa point & shoot, at age ten. When the 80’s turned into the 90’s Davy was a sponsored skateboarder, and shot photos to document his friends and travels. Photography and skateboarding eventually took a back seat for a couple of years, making room for After Hours, a musical outlet. It wasn’t until 2002 that Davy finally focused all of his energy on photography. The following years saw the birth of Pop Magazine, Wood Magazine and a lot of freelance work. Nowadays DVL still works as a freelance photographer for various European skateboard magazines and is the staff photographer for Vans’ European Skate team. He’s also one of the official city photographers of Antwerp.

  • Team Victor Pellegrin

    • Victor Pellegrin

      Skater • Victor Pellegrin

      Victor Pellegrin is from the Ardèche, which basically sums up his whole character: a gritty, country guy. When he was young, in order to skate, he would travel kilometres’ distance away, motivated and without complaint! Where he comes from, sponsors are sparse...Victor did it all himself, and his big mouth will certainly tell you so! Today, at 24, he skates for the best brands, like Antiz Skateboards and Vans Europe, travelling non-stop around the world to follow his passion and get his fix for proper doses of adrenaline…

    • …

      Filmmaker • Guillaume Friot

      Guillaume is 36 years old. He lives in the Drôme where he is well-known as the white wolf of the skateboarding scene. He held a skate shop during 12 years in Valencia France. The video came quite naturally to him when he began to film the guys that he helped through his shop, as Vividoobie, Matisse Blanc or still Jeoffrey Campion. His talents behind a camera are not any more to be proved and Victor Pellegrin is well aware by inviting him in his team for the 2nd edition of Sosh Highlight.

    • Loïc Benoit

      Photographer • Loïc Benoit « LB »

      Loïc Benoit, a.k.a. LB, has 20 years of skating photos to his credit... Passionate and self-taught, today he is the team manager and photographer for Vans in France. He first proved himself in the magazine Freestyler, while developing the Antiz board brand for 8 years with friends. Today, his life is divided between travel and work.

  • Team Nassim Guammaz

    • Nassim Guammaz

      Skater • Nassim Guammaz

      Nassim is a Dutchman of Moroccan origin. He managed to convince his father, who didn’t even want to hear about a career in skating, that he had found his place in this very selective world. His energy is contagious and his style is fluid... He goes fast and high... This skater, donning an afro immediately recognizable in a crowd, is able to adapt to any type of terrain. When he skates, you can’t miss him, his incomparable style pours through! He is, quite simply, a creator to be followed very closely.

    • Sami El Hassani

      Filmmaker • Sami El Hassani

      Sami grew up in the city center of Rotterdam where, very young, he dived into the scene of skateboarding. He began to ride at 11 years old only… Very early, he noticed that the skateboard was inseparable of the video. When he was 15 years old, having worked a whole summer, he bought to himself his first camera, a VX1000. It is at this age that its vocation was born. Ten years later, 25 years old, Sami lives and always works in Rotterdam as independent director, in the skateboarding and advertising industry.

    • Nikwen

      Photographer • Nicolas Huynh « Nikwen »

      Nikwen débute sa carrière en 2004 au sein du magazine créé par ses potes Chill Skatemag. C’est à cette époque qu’il rencontre Sam Partaix et depuis, ils sont restés amis. De 2009 à 2015, il est staff photographer chez Kingpin. Aujourd’hui, il travaille en freelance en privilégiant les projets avec ses potes et/ou les marques qu’il apprécie.

The Pro Contest Winners from 2017

The first prize goes to Nassim Guammaz and his filmmaker Sami El Hassani.

  1. 1. Team Nassim Guammaz

  2. 2. Team Yes Skate

  3. 3. Team Victor Pellegrin

  4. 4. Team Oscar Candon

  5. 5. Team Cedric

  6. 6. Team Chris Pfanner

  7. 7. Team Igor Fardin

  8. 8. Team Pottotta

Photo Contest

The publics of the 2017 Sosh Highlight Tour has elected Nicolas Huynh (Nikwen) from the team Nassim Guammaz as the winner of the Photo contest.


For this second edition, Sosh and its partners will spoil you! The winners of the Wildcard Contest will each receive an iPhone 7 and more than € 300 worth of prizes per team, in addition to the overall cash prize of € 6,000, to be divided among the Pro Contest’s best teams. Sosh will also reward the top 10 finalists from the Wildcard Contest with generous prizes.



To choose between the 8 teams, the organization called on a jury of 5 experts. They will deliver their verdict on Thursday, May 4th, at the closing party in Paris. A cash prize of € 3,000 will be divided among the 3 best videos, the best photo and the Instagram to generate the most ♥ ︎ during the week. The event will be followed by a DJ set hosted by Hotel Radio Paris.

  • Charles Collet

    Charles Collet

    Charles was born in 1985 in Grenoble. He is professional skateboarder for Cliché Skateboarding, RVCA Europe and Globe Europe. The one that his friends nickname "Loulou" is one of the most robust "hitters" of the skateboarding scene in Europe. His video parts for Cliché, in particular the brilliant Good Appetite, made the tour of the globe. Gypsy full-time, he shares his life between Lyon, countryside and the spots of skateboarding of the whole world.

  • David Couliau

    David Couliau

    A skateboarder since 1987 and involved in various non-profit projects for almost 20 years, David has been a skateboarding director since 1995 and was a pro skater from 1999 to 2009. Since 2009, he has also produced and directed documentary films, commercials, music clips and short films for his agency, Fadereight Films.

  • Fred Demard

    Fred Demard

    With 12 years writing for Freestyler and 8 years writing for Soma, we can say, with love, that Fred is the oldest working “journalist” of French skating. The dean of the profession, the guardian of the temple, he is the one who rambles on and on and embarrasses everyone with his endless stories of sessions from the 80s.

  • Yann Garin

    Yann Garin

    Everybody calls him "Chichi", diminutive of Chinese, while he is at the middle mibreton Mauritian… At the age of 40, he has a beautiful past of pro skateboarder. He began in 2001 and stopped in 2016. In 15 years of circuit, he participated in all the possible and conceivable competitions of French and World cups. Today, he continues to skate for Nozbone, Screwhead and Nike SB.

  • Arthur Derrien

    Arthur Derrien

    Arthur is 27 years old. He grew up in Lyon, the Mecca of the French skateboarding. Today, this passionate skateboarder lives in London. He created Free, a Pan-european skateboarding magazine with the photographer Sam Ashley and the writer Will Harmon.

Sosh Highlight on Tour

From May 10th to May 17th, 2017

Unveiled for the first time in Paris on Thursday, May 4th, the images will then be screened in 3 French cities- top places in the skateboarding scene. In partnership with Hotel Radio Paris, these happenings/showings will take place in the best local skateshops, focusing on improvised ride sessions (the main focus of Sosh Highlight), as well as skateboarders from each featured city:






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